Happy Really New Year—Chug, Chugging Along!

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

It struck me on this very new morning of the New Year what a great time it is to be alive as I believe this is going to be a year of peace. I think if there is to be a theme during this time, it is that countries, states, and individuals are demanding their freedom and fairness like we’ve never seen before.


You only have to look as far as what has happened in countries around the world who are going through a period of tremendous upheaval and change so great that some areas have been dubbed the “Arab Awakening” or “Arab Spring.” The countries of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan and Oman are all embarking on huge changes to their “business as usual.”

It is no wonder that “The Protester” was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

The fallout from the demonstrations and leaders stepping down or dying, as in the instance of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un, or the American Occupy Wall Street movement remains to be seen. But I think the momentum garnered by the blood, sweat and tears that went into the demonstrations and the passion of the people will only focus more and more on what is to be, Peace and Cooperation because people are finally AWAKE. Bolstered by the tools of the internet like Twitter and Facebook, global atrocities can now be put on blast, front and center for all to see.

So of course on this new morning of the new year of 2012, as I watch the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, I recognize that it had more floats promoting peace and honoring sister cities and people around the world, more than I’ve ever witnessed. Maybe I’m more tapped into it, but I for one am looking forward to a very good year with what counts most—that which is unseen: faith, harmony, love, peace, and soooouuul! (Thank you Soul Train).

Hope you’re dancing into a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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