This Too Shall Pass

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

The personal assistant’s job while challenging and rewarding at times also puts you first on the firing line.  Too often we do 1,000 things right only to be crushed for that 1 thing that goes wrong. I know I am my own worst prosecutor.

One little coping mechanism I have for when things go horribly wrong and I am beating myself up is my point of view cam. I picture myself in my home dealing with whatever problem, tragedy or issue that I think is beyond me. In my mind, I pan out to the bigger surrounding of my home (similar to Google’s “birds eye view”) of my neighborhood, then the city, state, continent, from the moon, from our solar system, and beyond. And myself, which has now become an infinitesimal dot, makes me realize it’s not that bad in the grand overall scheme of things.  I have also learned that whatever issue that is bothering me right now will not be 1 year from now. It puts things in perspective for me. I do my best to get the lesson in the experience and then I do an even better job of telling myself to “gettova it!”


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